Yoga Amanda Wooden Papailhau Photos Denis PeaudeauDancing in France this past decade has taught me less about ‘contemporary dance’ and more about metaphor. About representation and choice. That each direction means something and to teach and choreograph with questions not answers. Sculpting away at movement, toward the essential. For me, the asana of yoga are a hundred handy excuses to explore these infinite directions, these ways to be, these qualities within ourselves and in relation to the world around us. In dance, we dose the different qualities to tell a story of a moment.


Amanda Lynn Wooden Papailhau

(250) 505 4233


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MamiyaUniversal_01_008Amanda Lynn Wooden PapailhauMamiyaUniversal_01_005Amanda Lynn Wooden PapailhauAmanda Lynn Wooden PapailhauAmanda Lynn Wooden Papailhau photos by Denis Peaudeau

6 thoughts on “About

  1. reading your words, thoughts, ruminations spreads a smile on my face as big as the universe which is how much love I have for you.

  2. I can’t wait to one day live close enough to experience all of your guys’ awesomeness again. This is lit. lol

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