Artist of art and life:  Kali Reglin
Gorgeous art by Kali Reglin

Starting to scratch the surface of this yoga thing. A layer or two peeled away so my heart is a little more permeable to my breath, to that tree, to the cobblestones in this city. Like what I needed was to see more beauty! “Help me believe the truth about life, no matter how beautiful it is.” ~ Macrina Wiederkehr.  But I’m stepping a layer or two deeper into myself as well, so it’s like I can live crying and laughing from a step back and instead of getting carried away by my emotions, maybe just recognize them and see how I can evolve a bit. “Detachment makes the world a wondrous play.” ~ Indian Guru Mother Amma. Though fuck detachment as well- I quite like the rolling on floor screaming laughing, I like seeing how far my bottom lip can stick out! But it’s like how if you just scratch your nose without thinking it’s just scratching your nose, but if you do it on purpose it’s a dance. I think this detachment thing; this being aware of how, where and why you are, makes life even more of a dance and gets ya a little closer to the who part of you are.

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