the Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

A story (read dance) must be judged by whether it makes sense. And making sense must be understood in it’s most direct meaning: to make sense is to enliven the senses. A (dance) that makes sense is one that stirs the senses from their slumber, one that opens the eyes and ears to their real surroundings, tuning the tongue to the actual tastes in the air and sending chills of recognition along the surface of the skin. To make sense is to release the body from the constraints imposed by outworn ways of speaking (moving), and hence renew and rejuvenate one’s felt awareness of the world. It is to make the senses wake up to where they are.”

Photo by Bruno Q
Photo by Bruno Quiguer

Which brings us to ‘presence’.

“…It is only within this experience of the present as presence that ‘real time’ (or time space as Heidegger calls it)) can begin to make itself evident.”

2 thoughts on “the Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

  1. Ooooooooooh!!!!! Yes! Indeed. This enlivens my senses with their presence. & that’s what I love about words — that no matter the time, they bring you to the presence (the present time) of the words & the thought of the person who wrote them… they are out of time, but then, require that moment, the meeting of the mind with the senseless words (only given their true sense when mind internalizes them). Oh look … just fell right into that one, didn’t I. Hope it makes sense…

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