Bô-Diès by Laina Fischbeck

Bô-Diès, by Laina Fischbeck, was first performed at Wanted Dance and Alive 2011 –> http://wanted-festival.blogspot.fr

This piece touches something primal, essential. w. Morphos 2014! –> http://www.ateliersmorphos.org

It’s the body moved by breath and the breath pushed to it’s limits.

Starting with a long, deep ,vocal, kapala bati which gradually crescendos to a fast and high pitched one of the same. Our bodies move with and against, and especially by and through, the vibration of our sound.

Passing through hums to hyperventilation to words tested and said, bringing a danced phrase with them- mine, “I breathe breath through me”. To a tribal rhythm as duos, trios and a solo heat up to something resembling a dissident song. This machine of bodies working together implodes to the silence of apnea dancing it’s ass off.

When one of us loses it we all take it back up together. We lose it. We catch it back up. We give up, one of us doesn’t give up, we don’t give up.We break our limits in this frenzic silence.

We softly let go, sit down, and sigh.

Bô-Diès par Laina Fischbeck à Morphos
Bô-Diès par Laina Fischbeck à Morphos



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