I was wondering how to divide and categorize up this site; Dance over here, yoga over there… but I have a beautiful enough time blurring dance and life.
‘Yoga’ means ‘to join’ and is about being present and finding the essence of yourself. Dance is moving your body through space and time, so linking the present moment with the next moment with the next, and expressing the essence of yourself. Every time I try to translate the word ‘yoga’, I end up breathing into my heart and out of my pores. If I let my attention shift to the word ‘dance’ instead, the feeling is the same but I choose a direction, a quality, and a speed to explore it in. For me to compartmentalize yoga and dance would be like drawing a line between li and fe.
For practical purposes, and to lure you in, my yoga classes will be called yoga classes. In the intention and fluidity it will be dance. As you’re dancing right now. As I am. As we are together, anyway- so you might as well dig in deep, grab a mat, get a sweat on, see what we can stir up and settle down…
The posts will be scrollable thoughts on life /this dance.

Amanda Lynn Wooden Papailhau


Photos by Denis Peaudeau http://www.peaudeau.fr